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Thriving Thursday: Behind the scenes on Empowered in My Skin podcast

October 22, 2020

Thriving Thursday’s are “chew-able” episodes, where Nkechi is joined by Gaby Mammone, and asked to share perspectives from her life experiences. You will get a taste of her wisdom and leave with a call to action.

In this episode, Nkechi and Gaby are joined by a special guest who also happens to be a key member of the Empowered in My Skin (EIMS) podcast team. They share behind the scenes experiences. 

They all come together to talk about how they all met and how they came about to become members of the EIMS podcast team. They also shared lessons learned, bloopers through out the podcast production process.

Nkechi and Gaby also went on to express their heartfelt gratitude to the entire team and also you the listeners for always tuning in.

This is a fun, refreshing and candid episode for you to enjoy!

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