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Thriving Thursday: The art of storytelling

October 29, 2020

Thriving Thursday’s are “chew-able” episodes, where Nkechi is joined by Gaby Mammone, and asked to share perspectives from her life experiences. You will get a taste of her wisdom and leave with a call to action.

In today’s episode, Nkechi and Gaby dive into the beauty and importance of storytelling. They touched on the fact that everyone has a story, but not everyone is vulnerable enough to tell their story or even knows how to tell their story. 

Gaby provides an eye-opening analogy to storytelling, with how it can be like holding in your sneeze, and the impact of what happens when you do so.

Furthermore, Nkechi mentioned that your support system is a very important factor, that enables people to feel comfortable with sharing their story and the lessons they learned from it. So, they can be empowered through their story.

Take a listen as this is such an amazing episode!

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